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I am serious, ask me anything you like and I'd be glad to answer. I am very bored so I want something to kill my time HAH!
I've been having a great time so far by the way :DD
stolen by macartneis because Idk

because because



convicing my parents that all I want to do is draw

RenePolumorfousPaineCryer because real life but all my besties are in the box next to my journal


pansexual PROBABLY I'm trying to figure out



Piercings -->ears but I'll get a tattoo probably sometime idk

animator maybe

i have a rlly close relationship i think thats a very good thing

to be left behind, to be ignored by everyone, not to have friends (lol those are 3)


I don't go for shopping often but I'd say an electronic store maybe.

Grey with green and a hint of brown around the core of my eye

because it doesn't teach you anything valuable


Silver Swans - Let me known now AND The Neighbourhood - Everybody's Watching me

I eat a lot of chocolate

19 if I wear makeup, 16 if I don't wear makeup

I am exactly where I want to be, though I'd love it if I was on the mountain right now under an apple tree

I don't even remember

nowhere unfortunately

I am not in any fandoms but I like pokemon and DMMd and other stuff

Definitely, I am aiming to go on a university

pretty good thank you
In like.. 30 mins I'll be leaving for my village. Thank you everyone who read the past journal I've made and made me laugh you guys are awesome! I'll be back on Wednesday BUT I'll go online probably on Friday or Saturday again. I might check my messages now and then, though I'll be VERY slow because real life and easter and PAINTINGSSSS and stuff.

I hope you'll all enjoy your Easter holidays (if you have), or else good luck with school!
'sup guys? I haven't made a life journal in a long time, have I?

I've been absent a lot lately due to events that happened in real life. I haven't visited dA this week at all, only 1-2 times to check some important messages. The truth is that I've been doing some commercial work for an Anime con (sorry guys, that's the only information I can provide) so I've been super busy and the only things I could draw was traditional paintings which I'll probably reveal sometime soon. It'll take me some time to respond to all of your messages so be patient a bit please, alright? c:

A friend of mine found four kittens in a rubbish bag, she found a home for the three of them and I took charge for the last one. Fortunately, I found her a home the day after~ I am keeping her this week and then she'll go to her new house. I find it disgusting that someone tried to kill those poor little things.. some people are honestly disgusting.

Easter is near too! Schools will close for Easter Vacations that Friday, so I am planning to finish the last 4 trades before the week is over. Expect an art spam, okay? I warned you :XD:

--That weekend was great :heart: I've spend some awesome time with my amazing friends, RenePolumorfous and PaineCryer. There was also Lucius-Angicoot, cilios and some other friends of mine. It was truly awesome! I am eager to go to the next cosplay party~

April Fools

I am going to fill Oreo cookies with toothpaste and give them to my classmates. Though that's the only idea I got from the internet, I am out of ideas this year. What are you gonna do? ;)

Comcdom Con Athens 2014

Δεν παίζει να το χάσω, θα πάω και τις 3 μέρες! Την Κυριακή ίσως κάτσω λιγότερο though. Anyway, όποιος θέλει να βρεθούμε να μου στείλει note~ Θα είμαι μαζί με τις RenePolumorfous και PaineCryer~
Λετς σταρτ δε παρτυ!
To be honest, this is slight rant but you might find it useful.
--To make this clear, I am NOT complaining about the people who noted me, I am speaking in general, probably for every artist out there who's having the same problem.

Artists are not stupid. They understand when someone is asking them for a Trade because they really feel like giving something nice to them or when someone wants Free art. Do you have any idea how annoying it is when an artist uploads a new piece they've made, including in their description that they're not open for art trades, but people unfortunately spam them with notes asking them for one? They're also apologizing for asking: "It's okay, I understand if you don't want one, I know you don't have much time blah blah blah" and use all those fake excuses so you'll pity them (probably) and have an art trade with them.

So let me remind you something. WE ARE N O T STUPID! We UNDERSTAND when someone really wants to have an art trade with us or they just want free art to brag or whatever. It is really annoying, and personally it makes me wanna get out from your monitor and punch you in the face. No offence, but when I posted my last piece, "Tomodachi" which was an Art trade with a lovely friend of mine, I got 7 NOTES ASKING TO HAVE AN ART TRADE! And I am just sitting here, thinking... "Am I not clear in my profile, saying that I am NOT open for art trades?? I was even forced to write on my description that I am NOT open for art trades, are you people seriously blind??"

The answer is no. They're not blind. They're just way too bored to look to your profile or read anything you've written about Art Trades and they go straight asking you if you want to have an Art Trade with them. For unicorn's sake, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS?? Art Trades are not for everyone, they're for friends or people who you kinda know. I mean, I'd accept an art trade from someone I've seen around many times. Like someone who comments a lot on my work and such. You know, people that you become familiar with their names because they support you and such. Then yes, I'd probably make an exception for them. But for people that you've never seen before and they're random as wtf no. Give me a break, seriously.

By asking an Art Trade - Free art from someone you make yourself look really annoying. People do Art Trades for fun, with their friends or just random people just to do something new from their daily routine and such. SOME PEOPLE ALSO TAKE COMMISSIONS so if you want art from them that badly, save up some money and commission them. It is a SHAME when someone takes commissions and you ask them for an Art Trade because you don't wanna pay. And by doing that you also don't support the artist which is really bad too. 
-But what if I really can't pay?
-If you can't pay, then maybe you'll get a chance if they open Art Trades or requests or something. But unfortunately, no one can guarantee you that you'll get art from them. Either way, do NOT ask them for Free Art if you can't pay.

So please, STOP using "Art Trade" as an excuse for "Free Art". You'll probably be disappointed from the answers/ or not if they never respond. 

Like I do because I feel really bad when letting someone down.

Me and my friends cosplayed Twitch Plays Pokemon♥

:iconrenepolumorfous: was Bird Jesus and :iconplatinumkirby: was Lord Helix (you can see him in the video below) AND I was the False Prophecy Flareon~

Here is the link to see our costumes:…


Comment below if you liked them :heart: Also, support us by sharing those pictures, re-blogging and liking!

Now praise the Lord Helix

NOTE: This is a quick tutorial on the BASICS of pricing things in general. EVERYTHING in here, such an numbers and examples and just E X A M P L E S. After you read this thoroughly I'd like your opinion too.

This is a subject that lot's of people have trouble with. And I am not referring to people who are about to price their work and start taking commissions, but also the people who comment on other people's works, saying their prices are unfair. So here's a quick guide thing according to my knowledge on the basics of pricing things. And I will mention both digital and traditional art.

I'll be using my slave's friend's art as examples for some points.

For the example: quickspace and Berneri

Pricing your Art - General Information

Oh, you're an icon artist! Great!
Oooh look at all those beautiful pixels and icons!
Okay, you're the icon artist for all these! How awesome! I want to commission you!


Suppose that you want to work for 8 hours per day for 25 days - aka month (weekends off). To create one icon like thisforever and a day by quickspace, it takes you 2 full hours and it costs 5$.
To complete a full day of work, you'll need to create 4 of these icons --> aka 2 x 4 = 8. That means you made 4 icons in 8 hours and you earned 20$ (--> aka 4 x 5 = 20) by making these:Fox Walk by Berneri
If you're working every day like that, in 25 days you'll have worked 200 hours --->aka 8 x 25 = 200, you'll have made 100 icons --->aka 4 x 25 = 100, and you'll have in your hands 500$ --->aka 20 x 25 = 500. Sounds great, right? Revision: 200 hours of work, 100 icons made, 500$ earned.

Now, suppose that this iconforever and a day by quickspace takes 4 hours to be completed and it costs 5$.
In a full day work, still having in mind the basics, you'll need to create 2 of these icons -->aka 2 x 4 = 8. That means you made 2 icons in 8 hours and you earned 10$ (-->aka 2 x 5 = 10) by making these:
Chalkface Icon by quickspaceFloating Hazi by Berneri
Shortcut-- Revision: 200 hours of work, 50 icons made, 250$ earned.


Can anyone guarantee you that you'll work like that every day?


NO. No one can guarantee you that you'll have commissioners every day, or that you'll be in a good condition the whole month to work on icons daily.

On Digital and Traditional Art

On digital art, your only tools are your tablet, your computer and your drawing programs.
To price your digital art, you have to make sure you've taken into consideration the following information:
  • Your colors are endless.
  • You'll have to buy drawing programs (if you need).
  • A new tablet (if broken) or even
  • A new computer if something went wrong with your current one.
  • Your experience on drawing (how long you've been drawing and what you've learned)
  • Your skills (how good you're at it)
  • The time an illustration takes you to be completed (around how many hours or days)
(Those are the very basic ones, there are other stuff you have to know too but you can search them or your own)

On the other hand, traditional art is a bit more complicated. Your tools can vary to many things, but colors and material are not endless.
To price your traditional art, you have to make sure you've taken into consideration the following information:
  • You'll have to buy brushes/ tools (eg. spatula).
  • Colors (acrylics, watercolors, markers etc, anything you're working with).
  • Materials (palettes, paper, Canvas, anything you can imagine - seriously).
  • Your experience on drawing (how long you've been drawing and what you've learned)
  • Your skills (how good you're at it)
  • The time an illustration takes you to be completed (around how many hours or days)
(Those are the very basic ones, there are other stuff you have to know too but you can search them on your own)

Result: whether you want it or not, prices vary a LOT. But that does not mean that digital art is more cheap than traditional and the opposite.

Every person is different

We are all different. We have different needs, different wants and opinions as well as options.

Because of that, NEVER EVER EVER EVER compare price-lists. Do compare them for your selves and see what would you like to buy, but DO NOT say that to the artist. It is disrespectful and you never know what kind of life everyone lives. If you really wanna say something, better say you wish sometime to commission them or that you can't afford their art but NEVER tell them that their price-list is high, because it is high for YOUR standards and needs, not theirs.

DO NOT compare artists with each-other.
Someone just posted a price-list. Don't go right there, in public, saying to them "you should low your prices you're not worthy because blahblah643245 has even lower prices than you and they're better". That is SO disrespectful and annoying, also very very BAD and I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO NAME IT. It's like advertising other people, or even yourselves and you're downgrading the artist, making them uncomfortable, sad, unhappy and insecure (and many many other things but also VERY angry).

Last but not least, suppose that a kind person comes in your gallery and tells you that you should not have your prices so low. The first reaction will be: "But people won't buy them if I have higher prices :(..". Let me tell you one thing. That is wrong. Because there are people out there who are having very low prices is the reason they won't buy from you. It's not your fault. Having low prices doesn't make you a better artist, it's downgrading you as an artist and you'll overwork yourself for a piece of bread. Not good. If someone really wants your art, they'll have to save for it and listen to no one who want to make you lower your prices, because it is not worthy.

It's not a coincidence that people are paying professionals HUNDREDS of dollars for a full colored piece. --Of course, you'll have to take into consideration that they are professionals and they're known, they've traveled and worked really hard to make it that far, but it's not a coincidence that no one dares to tell them that their work is overpriced. It's because they don't have the right to say so. So why do they have the right to tell you you're overpricing your works? They still don't. And they never will. 

Woah, this took me nearly 4 hours.. if you have any concerns, you want to ask something, add anything or disagree feel free!
Thank you in advance for reading and please make sure you've read all the journal before you comment!
The last week I've been thinking about making a tutorials series yes.

After I finish my long to-do list, I am planning on making some tutorials about:
  • How to speed up your Art
  • How to improve your Art faster
  • How to "add" in your drawing style elements from your favorite artists (without actually being their complete copies and be unique).
  • How to deal with Art block

And some other stuff probably :)
There will be photo examples, as well as step by step pictures pointing out some stuff and lot's of funny doodles. They're going to be more like comics than tutorials so they won't be boring ahaha :'D

Would you be interested in seeing them? Do you have any suggestions? I need feedback :D
Hello everyone~ How have you been?

That weekend was full of work for me, so my apologies for not being able to get online much and respond to my messages immediately. I've had too many lately, and due to personal issues in real life, I haven't been able to get online a lot.. please bare with me. SSiiLvAH bby, I know I owe you this rp with Tomas and C., we are definitely doing it! Just wait for me!

So, to the main subject.... the last 2 months I have been doing some very nice traditional artwork every day, based on photos I've found on tumblr (yesss this girl have been studying!) and I'd really love to share some of them with you guys but I am having a small problem. I tried scanning the pictures, but due to using very soft colours (I have been working with acrylics in aquarelle style), the scanner makes the pictures way too bright and photoshop can't help at all. I want to have on them a more natural looking and as less editing as possible. Should I use a photograph to take a picture of them, or do something with my scanner (change a setting or.. idk, I am not a scanner pro haha..)? Could you help me out? I need feedback!

Also, in case you can't help, here's a question for you!
How did you spend your weekend? Did you enjoy it?

:iconspazattackplz:I GOT MY FIRST DAILY DEVIATION:iconspazattackplz:

ChinchillAbstract by Konveekou 
Thank you so much :iconaquagalaxy:AquaGalaxy for suggesting my painting (go check her gallery, her mlp paintings are WONDERFUL!), and :iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld for Featuring it!

:icontoracryplz: I feel overwhelmed :iconmoeblushplz:

Yisss I got mine :love: as a gift c':

Here's my friendcode :D
0318 - 8494 - 8594

Current and Future Projects

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 19, 2014, 12:20 PM
In case anyone is interested in the mini comics, graphic novels that I'm working on, here's a list of in progress and future works :D I am going to update this list when something is completed or when it'll be sure I am going to work on something new!

Chasing Stars (Temporary title)

(Preview soon)

Category: Fiction/ graphic novel/ ??/ ??

Description: Not Available/ wip

Progress: working on plot & sketching

T a l e n t

(Preview soon)

Category: Fiction/ mini comic

Description: Not available/ wip

Progress: working on plot

Emotional Balloon (Temporary Title)

(Preview soon)

Category: Fiction/ mini comic

Description: Sometimes we all need someone to hold an umbrella/ wip

Progress: on hold

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These are 5 things you didn't know about the "saint" Konvee (or you did if I've talked to you on skype) *COUGH COUGH*

1. I like drawing Sexy stuff as well as erotic that I don't plan on publishing them anywhere at the moment.
2. I have a notebook from 7th grade full of mecha drawings that I accidentally threw it to trash yesterday and it is probably torned up and burned right now *sobs*.
3. I have a notebook that I write my dreams --the ones I love the most-- hoping that one day I'll turn them all into novels or something and publish them.
4. Horses were my top favorite animals until 7th grade where wolves came into my life but I still love them, as well as dragons.
5. I've lost money twice because I had them in the same pocket I had my phone *sobs*

Tell me 5 things about you :D
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Christmas are not far away, same goes for New Year, so I decited to write a final journal before I "dissapear" again and become inactive (but not for livestreams hohohoho), as well as to wish to everyone of you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. I'll be able to reply to notes for the people who were interested in Christmas postcard exchanges, don't worry!

 What does the title mean? Why did I even made this journal?
I made it mostly for the people who want to make a new start this year and make their life a bit better. Of course, not everything goes always as planned, but it is always nice to be positive and do nice things to be happy. So here are some advices to make the new year of your life better than the other ones.
 No, I am not going to say tons of tips and stuff, because I am not good at it either, BUT I got inspired by a really good friend of mine and her idea, and I'd like to share my thoughts with you. Of course, I am looking forward for your replys on this idea as well!
 Two words people.. Mini Projects.

What is a Mini Project?

The word "promise" is pretty strong itself, so I'd like to give another meaning to it, thanks to my friend c:. It was actually her idea, so please allow me to explain~. A mini project is not an actual promise, but a task you do for yourself that you have to complete. Like an original Project you've decided to work on, but the word "mini" gives a whole new feeling to it, because it makes it look easy, small and pleasant and the same time.

What's the purpose of a Mini Project? How will it help me? I need more information!

 As explained before, a mini project is like small task you decide to do. It's like an obligation YOU decide to start and complete it for YOURSELF only. Obligation is a strong word for it, but once you decide to start a mini project, then you have to finish it. To be more clear, it's like a game with strict rules you have to follow, but trust me, it is a really good game! A Mini Project can be anything. For example "This year I'll learn how to play the guitar" or "I am going to wake up at 7:30 every morning I have school and eat breakfast as well as brush my teeth because this is important". These are normal tasks everyone would do of course, so why would you call them Mini Projects? Well that's the point. They are mini projects. They're normal tasks you would do, but to make it more interesting, you have to think of them as a game and make the interesting. Make a small journal about it, write down how many mini projects you've started and you'll finish until the end of the year. Write your experiences with them every week, not many details, just a few words on what you expect from yourself to do and do it the day after, how you feel so far, what you can do to become better at it etc. I wouldn't personally like to divide Mini projects into "important Project" or "Big project" and such, or else they'll look big, and almost impossible at times, especially if you are in a bad mood, even if they're about drinking at least 5 glasses of water daily if you don't drink enough water daily. You should treat every Mini Project equally. And by equally, I mean the idea of it. Just because French classes will last a whole school year and going to buy a Christmas Card on Friday will last a few minutes doesn't mean it isn't important, because every single task --now mini project- you decide to do is equally valuable.

 This is going to help a lot into putting an order in your daily life, trying to find balance between "I want" and "I don't want but I have to" and make you feel better for yourself. Mini Project: "I'll try to be positive/ be more active in class/ do homework". Make positive thoughts when deciding to start a Mini project, use positive key words, this is super important! Don't, for example, go with "I'll try not to get angry" but go with "I'll try to be calm". Words might seem just... words, but they're super powerful, don't underestimate their power! They'll surely affect your psychology. The way you use them is important.

 "I am going to make a good change for myself", DO IT. If you want to change something on yourself you don't like, just do it. It is important to feel good with yourself, with who you are and change is GOOD. Lastly, as I said before, I wouldn't use the word promise because it is very powerful, but no matter how powerful it is, when you break a promise once, you can do it again and then it becomes a bad habit. I know this from personal experience, and from my knowledge, I can inform you that when you break lots of promises you make for yourself, you send a strong message to your brain and soul, informing them that you're not important and you deserve nothing. THAT IS NOT TRUE! You just have to push yourself beat your worst enemy. Do you know who is your worst enemy? Your own self. So beat it. Beat your bad self, complete the mini projects and feel better, gain self confidence (YES YOU CAN DO THAT BY COMPLETING THEM), learn how to trust yourself, be a better person.

What if I complete or fail to complete a Mini Project?

 Before I get to that part, make sure that the mini projects you decide to do are possible for you to complete (eg. "I'll become a bubble" Except if that's possible...? "I'll become a Teacher when I grow up".. no. Just save this thought somewhere. That's an Aim. You can put mini projects every year to complete this aim, that will help you to reach the level where you can finally say "This year I'll go to college and get out as a teacher". Eg. "Get Good Grades" -> "Go to College"->"Learn about Psychology" --> "Learn about Children" --> "Do all the stuff that are required this year to get my Teaching license and become a teacher". That's acceptable, because mini projects can be completed within a year, but they're not supposed to last more than one year so they won't get tiring). If you complete a mini project, treat yourself. Go and buy your favourite food and eat, or buy icecream in the middle of the winter, or do something you really like. You deserve it! You deserve to feel better, to feel happy, to feel important -because you are. If you fail to complete a mini project because something unexpected happen, it is okay, you can start over or you can set a new one. BUT if you fail because you got bored or you made yourself believe that you can't do it, while you can, don't go to the cinema to watch Hunger Games 2, or Thor or any new movie you want to. Don't treat yourself if you fail, because you'll feel bad and you'll get again used to it, and this is not good. Escape from your bad self. Don't let it do whatever it wants with you. You're the leader, you'll tame it and win. Test your limits, you can do even more than you believe you can. It just needs patience and insistence. Yes, I know right. You'll be the only one who'll know your mini project list so no one will tell you what to do and you can skip everything and such and such. But that's the point of the mini project. You do it for yourself, so if you cheat, you cheat no one but yourself. So make sure not to cheat yourself.

Make your year better, happy, exciting and full of activities, Mini Projects and fun fun fun. By the end of the year, if you have completed all the mini projects you have settled the satisfaction you'll get will be HUGE, you'll be happy with you, with who you are and you'll go for more!

I hope you like the idea of Mini Projects and GOOD WORK if you've made it so far reading this! Have a cookie :cookie: I need your feedback and ideas on this!

:star:Scroll down for the results!!:star:




It's the first time I am doing an art raffle woooo~
Anyway, I am going to work on commissions tomorrow and finish them all, plus on Saturday the results of the contest will be out and on Weekend I'll have the time to finish all the Contest prizes so why not having a Christmas Art raffle? Also this raffle has a little "celebration" meaning too, because I reached 2000 watchers~

Okay guys, here's what the winners will get:
Colour Blast by Konveekou
It's Friday by KonveekouFlying High by Konveekou

A Full Detailed Cell Shaded picture of one character c: for the first winner (can also be pony art)~

Sweet Cold by Konveekou
And a picture in this style with one character for the second winner (can also be a pony in this style)~

-Make a journal entry advertising this raffle (with a link to this journal entry).
-I'll choose the winners using on 24th December.

To participate, fill in this form and write it here as a comment:
Link: (to your journal entry advertising this raffle)
Reference: (of the chara you want me to draw if you win)


:star:1st winner is no 53---->:iconfluffy-mongrel: (please send me a note informing me what kind of art do you want since you have 2 options)


:star:2nd winner is no 50--->:iconarkare: (please send me a note informing me about the colour pallete you would like etc)


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The moment when you're bored as hell so you can't respond in any comment, writing pointless journals like this becase you have no paper to draw and you are so not in mood to draw anything digital but you still have no paper to draw and you are like please kill me now because you have no paer to draw and you can't do the artrades because you have no paper to draw and the internet is so slow and you still have no paper to draw and you feel like hating everyone because you have no paper to draw and you're making everyone frustrated because you use no dots fullstops in this journal because you have no paper to draw and no one can breathe. Stare 

I am going to buy a chocolate and an ice tea, see ya later when I get paper to draw.

I am back and I used the last drops of my acrylic paints in this… (it's an unfinished/ wip of a :glaceon:) and I have to go and buy more acrylics or else I'll no be able to finish it and I still have no paper to draw and this paper is a large one and I was drawing this yesterday while watching Drake & Josh on nickelodeon and I still have no paper to draw because I used this but even with that I had done the sketch like 6 months ago or so I don't remember at all and I still have no paper to draw.
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A spider with Arm floats

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 23, 2013, 5:08 AM
Well, Spiderman came to my house like 2 days ago, we went to the beach, then we ate some pizza and had lots of fun.

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Thank you Everyone! plus I am BACK!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 14, 2013, 3:48 AM
Hello everyone :heart:

First of all, I want to thank ALL OF YOU for the wonderful birthday wishes! You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate that ; v ; And I want to thank especially the people who made WONDERFUL DRAWINGS FOR ME :heart: Guys, every year you imrpove and I get so many wonderful gifts, I am overwhelmed ; A ; 

I just got my internet connection back! I am having TONS of things to do but I'll try replying first to all your wonderful comments, comment all your wonderful pictures, upload some stuff I did during exams when I had time etc. Those 2 last weeks, my mobile phone couldn't load all dA's pages, only notes and journals x__x and about a week ago, I dropped it (again) and the battery broke somehow and I have to change it TT^TT so I couldn't reply to anything or send any note even if I wanted to.. Anyway, get ready for some span in your inboxes soon! (I have to make a sandwitch, I have eaten nothing at all --all day and I am soooo hungry!)

One last thing before I feauture all the wonderful gifts you drew for me :'D
I think I am going to leave again soon, because I'll be having extra school homework to do this summer since I'll be getting prepaired for my final exams next year. One more year of school baby, ONE MORE YEAR! Gotta do my best :dummy:

Oh, by the way, I am having a Formspring account! You can ask me anything there if you want C: I'll try to reply as soon as possible!


Sunny day by RayCrystal
The Sky of Dreams by Chiakiro

Thank you all ; A ; :heart: --if I have forgotten any other drawing, please, LET ME KNOW TO ADD IT HERE! Thank you~
Oh by the way, no prenium membership for me for a while, hahaha x'D

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Hot Cocoa

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2013, 5:20 AM
Today it was raining. It was LIKE THE SKY HAD A DEPRESSION or something. I am having a headache and I just came home.. I guess I'll make some hot cocoa :heart: and wrap up in a waaaarm cozy blanket while I'll watch some spongebob and generally documentatires and Nickelodeon.. I don't feel like studying today. But I feel really happy for a strange reason c:

And I've got LOTS of things to do..this week my messages are totally FULL of birthdays oO. That is pretty awesome but I really don't know if I can make it with so many gifts :( I still have some gifts here, finished and I won't be able to send them untill I my mom gives me some money to pay for the shipping stuff. YES, most of people in my "Secret" list in my TO DO list journal are there because I owe them some birthday gifts :'( ....forgive me everyone for beeing so is making this really difficult and being late makes me feel so bad dammit...

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