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Before commissioning please have in mind that things are getting tougher over here, so please be patient with your commission. I plan on finishing them within a week or two maximum, but if they take a bit longer, it won't be longer than a month - which means by the end of July they will all be ready! (I highly doubt that they will take so long but you need know beforehand).

Simple cell shaded - 15$ 
-extra characters +10$ (small bugs etc does not count as an extra character) fill bucket background.
Azzai by Konveekou 
  • extra options: Bust - 10$/ Almost Fullbody - perspective - 15$
  • If you have a specific pose in mind, include it in your message/ note or leave it up to me.
  • In order to capture the characters' ..character, please provide me some extra info if needed (I can't make a charactery smily if they're badass can I? ;D)
  • Paypal only
  • Please send the money as "Goods or Services" to avoid any trouble with paypal, THANK YOU!
My main aim is that you'll be happy with your commission! Thus, I am planning on streaming most of the commissions if possible within the next week!

The following commission options are for personal use only!
If you are interested from something outside my list, please let me know and we will discuss it :thanks:

Please, leave a comment below with what you want or note me! Make sure to provide clean character references and all the possible information you believe I will need! Thank you :heart:

Slots - OPEN

  • :iconhackwolfin:
  • :iconoha:
  • :icongaiawolfess:

This is something I did not see coming..  but I need to do this.

Things have started to get pretty tough in my country.. I will be opening commissions pretty soon because I need to save up money for uni.
I'll be presenting one option for now, the the other option will have an example once I am ready to take commissions and the example is ready.

Simple cell shaded - 15$ -extra characters +10$ (small bugs etc does not count as an extra character) fill bucket background.
Azzai by Konveekou extra options: Bust - 10$/ Almost Fullbody - perspective - 15$ (examples soon)

Speedpaint - 10$ per hour (max time 3hrs, max 1 character, there won't be any extra charge for 3hrs+, more info soon with examples)

The following commission options are for personal use only!

If you are interested from something outside my list, please let me know and we will discuss it :thanks:
Please let me know if you're interested in general. Thanks a lot in advance!
Guys, thank you all for the birthday wishes and your wonderful gifts Chisaki Crying Icon 

Thank you, all, for the depths of my heart, for being with me all those wonderful years here on deviantART,
for commenting when you have the chance, for having when you like something, for leaving a comment on my profile and
spending those precious 5, 10, 20, 50 seconds to note me or really, do anything that will make me happier or will make my day.

Thank you, all, for your support, and for never giving up on me, no matter the choices I've made.
Without that community, I believe I would be lost, in both my personal life and career. Right now, I am exactly where
I want to be, thanks to every single one of you.

Thank you all, for always being here for me :icontoracryplz::heart:

Thank you all... for everything :heart: I had a wonderful day thanks to all of you! You all brought me joy with your wonderful comments :rose: THANK YOU!

Thank you all for the beautiful art as well!!! IT MADE ME EXTREMELY HAPPY! Sayu Crying Icon 


boop my nose by ChiakiroKonvee B Day by AquaGalaxy
Coastal storm by PaineCryer
Blue Fire by Nanabbi

Konveekou : The Star Walker by RenePolumorfous
.:Imagination:. by Aviaku| counting stars | by s-alvatore

:heart:THANK YOU:heart:

Hello everyone!

Alright, first of all, thank you for all being patient with me not uploading stuff in general here, the last months as you've seen I've been pretty busy with portfolio work and studies in general in order to get to a university abroad..

I am happy to announce that I have been accepted in my top choice of Uni and that is Coventry School of Art and Design in England in Fine art & Illustration! Yesterday the results of my IELTS diploma came out and I made it to pass the requirements of the university in order to ensure my offer there as a student! Now only two painful projects ad the exams left until I am completely free.
I must point out that I also took another test similar to the IELTS one which was provided by Coventry and successfully passed as well. I am so excited!

Any other CSAD freshmen there? Let me know so we can arrange to meet up once we get there :D

--I am off to bed, I've been multi streaming all night with Jade-Katt and Keprion :heart:
Hello everyone! :wave:

I though it would be nice to give you all a small update before going to my main subject. Don't worry, I'll be very quick because I don't want to get tiring. If you want me to expand though, please mention it to the comments! 

So, so far I've been very busy with loads of stuff, mostly university ones. I'm done with my portfolio, all applications were sent and I already got two offers, one of them is the university I want to go. Right now I am working extra hard to do very good in an exam I'll be taking next month in order to complete my uni's requirements to get in completely. Until the end of the month I'm having some presentations to do, which means I'll be inactive for a little longer.

At the same time I am working on a game-project (which is secret for the time being) and some illustrations for a children's book. Both take a lot of energy and time, and as a result my time online is currently decreased.. At least here. I am using the mobile app to check for important messages though. Make sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram for sketches and more updates!

Question for you:
I've noticed that some specific journals I've posted, such as How to make your year betterChristmas are not far away, same goes for New Year, so I decited to write a final journal before I "dissapear" again and become inactive (but not for livestreams hohohoho), as well as to wish to everyone of you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. I'll be able to reply to notes for the people who were interested in Christmas postcard exchanges, don't worry!
 What does the title mean? Why did I even made this journal?
I made it mostly for the people who want to make a new start this year and make their life a bit better. Of course, not everything goes always as planned, but it is always nice to be positive and do nice things to be happy. So here are some advices to make the new year of your life better than the other ones.
 No, I am not going to say tons of tips and stuff, because I am not good at it either, BUT I got inspired by a really good friend of mine and her idea, and I'd like to share my thoughts with you. Of course, I am looking forward for your repl
How do I price my art?NOTE: This is a quick tutorial on the BASICS of pricing things in general. EVERYTHING in here, such an numbers and examples and just E X A M P L E S. After you read this thoroughly I'd like your opinion too.

This is a subject that lot's of people have trouble with. And I am not referring to people who are about to price their work and start taking commissions, but also the people who comment on other people's works, saying their prices are unfair. So here's a quick guide thing according to my knowledge on the basics of pricing things. And I will mention both digital and traditional art.
I'll be using my slave's friend's art as examples for some points.
For the example: quickspace and Berneri
Pricing your Art - General Information
Oh, you're an icon artist! Great!
Oooh look at all those beautiful pixels and icons!
Okay, you're the icon artist for all these! How awesome! I want to commission you!
Art Trade is NOT another word for Free ArtTo be honest, this is slight rant but you might find it useful.
Artists are not stupid. They understand when someone is asking them for a Trade because they really feel like giving something nice to them or when someone wants Free art. Do you have any idea how annoying it is when an artist uploads a new piece they've made, including in their description that they're not open for art trades, but people unfortunately spam them with notes asking them for one? They're also apologizing for asking: "It's okay, I understand if you don't want one, I know you don't have much time blah blah blah" and use all those fake excuses so you'll pity them (probably) and have an art trade with them.
So let me remind you something. WE ARE N O T STUPID! We UNDERSTAND when someone really wants to have an art trade with us or they just want free art to brag or whatever. It is really annoying, and personally it makes me wanna get out from your monitor and punch you in the face. No offen
and Age, Talent and ArtI saw a comment today that made me blow my top. I wanted to pick a bone with them. 
I'd really like not to express all of my feelings right here, right now, but I'd like to say a couple of things about that subject of Age and Talent on Art.
It's not like I am going to change the world with that journal, but it's worth trying a bit. And it might help people with lack of confidence about their art and age.
Firstly, allow me to make something clear. Art has nothing to do with your Age. Believe me, it's true, and I'll prove it to you.
Back when I was around.. 13 years old the first thing I was looking into someone's profile that their gallery was wonderful, was their age. 
Maybe everyone did back then. Some people still do. But why do we pay so much attention on age? Because we're concerned about "how much time do we have to improve till we get there".
At least, that's what I was mostly concerned about. I was lazy as well, pro
have been getting much attention and I really enjoy reading people's thoughts on them.
So, I've been thinking; would you be interested, since I really find it interesting, if I made some very short comic panels introducing a subject, and then analyzing it in a journal entry? 
If you do, please let me know what you would like me to analyse!
-have in mind though that everything that will be analyzed is based on my personal experience so far, and I will only do it if I feel confident about it. My opinion is not absolute, so I'd like to see what everyone else thinks! What do you say? :D

Shoot me with subjects and Ideas!
I'll try to respond to all of your comments, but I'll be a bit slow. Thanks for understanding in advance!

If you drop your eyeballs please call 911 because they will be bouncing around the house, they won't be able to handle what's under this text




And if you could pass this on in a way, or reblog their art it would make me more happy and them as well so they can keep creating :'D <3 BECAUSE THEY DESERVE MORE!!

Just a quick journal for you who may have questions about my life/ career/ technique-tools or whatev :)
Feel free to drop them and I'll respond! ^^

If I don't feel comfortable answering anything I just won't :thanks:

--Currently Update on FAQ before I update the old one

Q: What do you use to draw?
I recently I got a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and also got Photoshop CS6 with is hella great. I've used other programs as well, such as Paintool SAI, GIMP and OpenCanvas 3, but PS suits my needs better. I also have PS CS3 and CS4, but I recently updated and it feel reeeeeally good! I've heard it also has a Stabilizer but I haven't really searched for that tool yet 8O

Q: Why did you stop uploading art on dA and now you're posting more on Instagram/ Tumblr? Are you planning on leaving?
I got kinda surprised when I got that question from an Anon on tumblr. Well anon here I come and I hope you won't get anxious over this anymore! ^^
I use my dA for "completed" works. I want to show what I can do best here in a sense, but I upload all kind of arts here in order to get feedback and improve except sketchbook stuff. I prefer not to spam my watchers with art that I might feel weird about and then take it down, so I do that on Tumblr and Instagram. Instagram is for works that I am doing at the very moment with WIPS etc, like an everyday lifestream and Twitter is for all of the sketches/ studies of the week, put well together to upload and show them.

Q: When did you start drawing humans?
Seriously around 1,5 year now. I've drawn humans in my life before, but I am glad I got into animals and left humans last, like right now. That way I could develop easier on them, because I didn't have any basic knowledge on them before except a few stuff that I'm still trying to re-learn.

Q: Do you draw NSFW? Why?
I do draw nsfw, but I haven't published super hardcore stuff yet. Okay, maybe a few stuff on my tumblr which I censor. Go blame RenePolumorfous and PaineCryer for this b e c a u s e. But my dA will remain clean, except some romance stuff at some point maybe? Or very light Pinups. Depends. But I'll keep it clean.
Why....? I am not really sure myself, I just enjoy it..? :3

Please ask me more questions in the comments!
Hello! Thank you everyone for taking time to click on my journal for help, it is very appreciated ; v ;

It's been a while since I got a new computer (iMac) and tablet (Cintiq) but since I got them I didn't really bother not to make one, but right now the truth is that once my midterm exams are over I'd like to get back into making some.

However, I have no idea from macintosh (mac) recording or video programs so I'd like a little help. Do you know any good, free program like HyperCam 2 that can record my screen? And a video editing program that would help me add the recorded video in it, speed it up and add music so I can upload it on youtube and bring you guys speedpaints again?

In windows I used to use HyperCam 2 and Sony Vegas pro 8 for those, some years ago even Windows Movie Maker so I guess I can work on those programs in general --or in something related.

Thank you in advance for the help! ; O ;


How have you all been? I hasn't been a while since I posted a journal but my life have been so busy I lose the track of time almost every six hours or so. Reeeeeally busy busy busy x_____x I should also update my FAQ soon as well.

Anyway, I finally got a new computer and now I am just waiting for my graphics tablet to arrive :eager:. I am soooo excited but unfortunately I won't be able to use it immediately due to homework and projects.
However I am prepared for it so I made a Picarto in advance.

I also made an Instagram 8D You can follow me there for lots of WIP's (half or more of my daily sketches will be uploaded there), practice dumps sneak peeks of my upcoming works! (as well as stupid pictures of my not so important life hahah //shot)

That's all :'D I hope I'll start making some artwork soon!
Chui out!
It's been a while since I've one one c:

The last month has been a bit.. busy for me. I've been doing some commercial work and commissions, and I am glad I manage to go that far. I am happy my computer still holds on, it's quiet hard to work at times because it is literally dying, but hopefully it'll last till Christmas.
I've been painting like crazy, and finally managed to finish the 90% of my to-do list. I am very happy to say that there will be no more delays in the things I have to ship, so I happily announce to the people I promised stuff that I'll be shipping them on Tuesday (for good!)!

Furthermore, I'd like to announce that commissions will be closed for a quiet long time, because I need to focus on having a very steady schedule for the next few months. I'll be taking some important classes to enter into England's Art Universities to become an illustrator like I've always wanted, thus I am aiming to get the best possible grades in english lessons and portfolio. Onwards And I'll be starting tomorrow which makes me very nervous ;v; Everything is just happening so fast.. I've come to take critical decisions in a very short amount of time.
Plus, to be fully honest, I don't really like the place where I'll be taking those lessons, it makes me feel uneasy. I hope my classmates there will be okay, I don't want to experience what I've experienced 2 years ago at cram-school.
In the end I don't know what I'll end up doing. Results are not announced yet so The Rabbit does another little dance

Right now I want to focus mostly on my stuff, improve art wise and mentally as well. My apologies if it takes me some time to reply and such, I'll try to be as fast as possible but I'll need some time to get use to my new schedule. I'll also have to look for a job, so this might keep me mostly inactive.And secretly watch psycho-pass and other anime series shhhhToo cool for you 

Finally, since I've been sketching a lot lately due to lack of time and my urge of improving some stuff in my art, I upload stuff on my tumblr mostly. Have in mind though that it is at the same time nsfw (but I've censored everything so I guess you can safely browse it?) I am also updating daily my twitter, and sometimes upload doodles there as well: Leaf 

Last but not least, I want to thank all of my friends who have been supporting me all this time and helping me overcome the hardships I've faced the last 5 months. Mostly my friend RenePolumorfous who never stopped being by my side and helped me cheer up and keep movinghug . I'll be working with joy this week on our animation project for the ORAS and our little Halloween party which we'll be wearing Ghost pokemon masks/ costumes to celebrate itGhost .

I hope everyone here is well and having a good time c:PacMan 
KIRIBAN CAUGHT BY :iconteidananeko:TeidanaNeko

Kiriban is almost only 1k away!! at 100,000 pageviews
Only one winner, full screenshot, PLEASE NOTE ME!!
First comes to serve.


It can be anything, animal, human, anthro, pony etc. One character only.

Born out of Fire by Konveekou

Alright, it's 4am and I don't know why am I still awake but before I go I'd like to share my idea with you guys, because I can see I am not the only one who is struggling with deadlines and dates and birthday gifts when my schedule is truly overloaded.

So I decided to post a journal with a few Ideas that might help you out and makes you less stressed when a friend's birthday's coming and you have no time to draw them anything! Also, a few ideas and stuff you CAN draw or make in case you want to do something else except digital art!
Because we all have friends from the Internet that we'd like to show them how much we care about them:heart:

If you're close friends and they trust you, ask them for their address. You have no idea how helpful and great this is, especially when you want to surprise them! Personally I have many addresses, so when the time comes, I always have something to ship over!
As a result,

If you have no time,

make them a nice card and a beautiful doodle and ship it!
Little things count as well, you don't always have to make "masterpieces" for everyone, no one's got time for that, literally. Sometimes you have the time to do so, some others you don't. Unexpected events happen, you have a life as well. It's of course hella rad to work on something big, but remember that big or small, the action and the time you spent is what counts the most. It doesn't mean you love them less, it means you care for them and that's more than enough :heart: If you'd like and you can afford it, you can buy them something as well, a nice accessory or something to decorate their room.

Also, having someone's address and having time, you can do the following stuff:

Sculpting! (fimo is hella rad to use and fun, search for it!)
Doodle something! Everyone likes nice doodles!
Make a collage :D
Crafting!!! (search for crafting ideas online, they're too many!)
Traditional art *____*
Add something...? (there are probably many things that doesn't come to my mind right now, suggest!)

Plus, it is a nice way to experiment with many other things! Who knows, you might find a new interest as well!

Digital art is surely cool and has effects and such.. but other things have value as well! The thing is to show your friends that you care :heart:. Everyone appreciates it when people spend time for them! Little things can count way more than you expect :heart:

I hope this helped you out and gave you some ideas as well :'D
I finished it a while ago... it makes me so excited that these games are coming out soon!
I got moved when I heard the new soundtrack.. it's so epic! 8D THE FEELS GUYS!! THE MEMORIES!!
and Steven is hot as ffff //shot

I am eager to play the new game soon! :eager: Mudkip will be my starter. That brutal bae mega evolution makes me blush u////u :heart:
Which starter will you be getting?

Extra: I had nothing better to do so I downloaded Tomodachi life demo as well and it looked pretty interesting u v u

Before commissioning me, you must agree the terms and conditions listed below.

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.


  • Please write in a clear and nice manner.
  • Provide neat references. Not a wall of text.
  • Any ill behavior will not be tolerated and your commission will be canceled if it occurs.
  • If you fail to follow the rules provided on the Commission Journal/ Adoptables/ YCH etc. I have the right to decline your commission.


I will NOT draw:

  • Most fetishes (ask)
  • Exaggerated anatomy parts
  • Cub/child porn
  • Offensive themes
I will draw:
  • Anything that is not listed above
  • NSFW is fine (ask)


  • I accept only paypal.
  • All commissions must be payed at least half upfront. 
  • The currency accepted is Euros, USD or English Pounds.
  • The points shall only be paid through the commission widget unless stated otherwise.


  • I can show you a sketch for approval upon request.
  • Turnaround time is anywhere from a few days to 5 weeks from the time you make the first payment. I generally aim for within two weeks but as I'm a student and have a job there may be times when I cannot make that time. Please be aware of this beforehand. This kind of work takes a lot of time to get the best quality. I want to produce the best work I can for you, and need the time to do that. If you have a specific date that you need the commission completed by, please specify that beforehand and I will do my best to make it!
  • If any health, family issues or anything occurs that will delay your commission process you'll be notified asap.


  • I will do everything I can to make my customers satisfied with the results of their commission.
  • After a commission is finished, few changes are allowed to be made, such as markings or small colouring mistakes.
  • Any great changes will come with an extra charge, such as an outfit change, outfit addition or subtraction, background change or anything that makes me have to redraw it completely.
  • If your reference was unclear to start with, then you are not allowed to do minor changes without a fee.
  • Make sure to be clear in your order what you aim for.
  • I will remove the PSD and SAI files from my computer eventually, so when receiving the completed work, please make sure to look over the picture before approving it.


I'm allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:

  • Promote myself within any place or site.
  • To display it anywhere to my liking.
  • I retain the right to use any commissions in a portfolio or in a printed collection of my art (eg. Artbook). However, if you have a problem with this, please tell me and I will take out any distinguishing characteristics of your character before doing so.

The commissioner are allowed to:
  • Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only unless agreed otherwise.

  • Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself or sell it to earn any profit.

  • Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.
    • you may repost the commissioned pictures in role-playing sites, your own galleries and such as long as there won't be misuse of copyrights and I will be visibly credited.

If you break the copyright infringement in anyway every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.

The following is considered Copyright infringement:
  • Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially if the commission was agreed to be used for personal purposes (meaning making money of it in any way)

  • Taking Credit for the creation of the artwork.

  • Removing any watermarks/signatures. 

  • altering the artwork without my, the artist's, consent


I have the right to cancel and refund the money for you commission at any time.
  • You have no right to cancel or demand a refund from the artist under any circumstances after money are received.

  • If money has not been sent yet the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission.

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.
Just letting everyone know that there will be a massive gallery cleanup! Please download the pictures you'd like to keep because I am moving almost everything to storage.
-The reason is because I'd like to keep drawings that represent mostly my current skills. Not 100% sure about it yet, but that's how it'll go for now.

 Thanks for reading n__n

I didn't expect so many notes guys, thank you so much for the support ;A; :heart:

Hello! I'll be opening Poster commissions sometime within this month! (October)
I wasn't planning at all to open commissions, but unfortunately I am forced to, due to some problems I'm facing at the moment.

Poster Commissions:

Mega Rao by KonveekouMega Clayvoir by Konveekou
Price: 20€ (or 25$) per picture.
Extra characters: +5€ - 10€ (or 6$ - 12$) depending on size and complexity.
Character Limit: none at the moment. I believe I can work on more than 10.
What you get: full res file (300dpi for printing). Size 1329 x 2195
Because my computer is slowly dying I am not sure if I can make it and work on A4 size but I am going to try my best! If I can't work on it the fill size will be the one I mentioned above.
The more the characters are the bigger the file gets.
When you'll get it: I believe I can start working on those next week, so once I've told you I am starting with your commission, it'll take me around 1-2 days to finish it!

How to pre-order:

Comment "claim" on the comments OR NOTE ME to get a slot! The slots are super limited!
I saw a comment today that made me blow my top. I wanted to pick a bone with them. 
I'd really like not to express all of my feelings right here, right now, but I'd like to say a couple of things about that subject of Age and Talent on Art.
It's not like I am going to change the world with that journal, but it's worth trying a bit. And it might help people with lack of confidence about their art and age.

Firstly, allow me to make something clear. Art has nothing to do with your Age. Believe me, it's true, and I'll prove it to you.
Back when I was around.. 13 years old the first thing I was looking into someone's profile that their gallery was wonderful, was their age. 
Maybe everyone did back then. Some people still do. But why do we pay so much attention on age? Because we're concerned about "how much time do we have to improve till we get there".
At least, that's what I was mostly concerned about. I was lazy as well, procrastinating like crazy and I was sitting there, waiting for the epic skills to find me and reach me. And then, magically, when I turned 18 I'd have amazing art to show to everyone.

But then, you find out that people closer to your age are having great art as well right..? So then you have less time to improve and reach their level with your slow paced style of practice.
You enjoy it, you don't work very hard, but you're very sure that "you'll get there" until that younger person comes in your life and ruins all of your plans. Then you're back to zero, wondering what you could do to improve faster, and be as good as them in the age of 15 for example. After a liiiiittle bit of practice, you get tired and realize make yourself believe that you can't do it. What's the easy option now? Hmm.. :thinking: <[maybe they're more talented than me]. Bingo. You got that part right. Let's just forget about it and go with plan A, or let's just test our limits to see how far we can go with this.

In the end, you keep up with art, you managed not to feel like a piece of trash -yet- and you keep doing your stuff. But.. wait. What's that..?
A younger artist than you is doing better work than you? Unbelievable and unacceptable. So what now? There are only few options left, right?
  • They're liars. It's simply impossible to draw like that in that age.
  • They're miracle kiddos.
  • They're talented beyond belief.
  • (add something you believe here)

Let me tell you what you believe you've learned through this:
Draaa..w...-- procrastinate and don't worry, no matter what you do, you'll definitely become good... at some point. Maybe not the "age you set" but who cares, there's always someone better out there. Younger people are surely super talented and younger people than you are magical people with a huge amount of talent and don't forget, they're also masterminds for being able to draw like that.
  • What is talent? The ability of someone to draw better than you.
  • What is age? What you're now and what you'll become when you "reach that age".

Now, allow me to tell you what you really learned from this:
  • Age is an excuse and an illusion to make you feel better because you're bored/ don't wanna/ something?? to practice.
  • Talent is also an excuse and an illusion to make you feel better because you're bored/ don't wanna/ something?? to practice.

The true title of this journal should be Procrastination, Illusion and Art. Probably.

Maybe not even art. I added art because it'd drag people here, but it's connected with the subject so.

So let me tell you what Age and Talent stand for, based on my experience all theses years. 
Age stands for time. Throughout time, you gain experience, skills and you combine them together to make something new.
Being young doesn't mean you're badass. Being old doesn't mean you're useless.
Talent stands for the ability to learn faster something than someone else. Some people are talented, some people are not.
Not being talented isn't a reason to give up. Being talented isn't a reason to procrastinate.

What can you do about this?
Yeah yeah, you've heard this a lot before, right? Practice. But what's practice, really?
Does this mean you get a piece of paper and draw anything that comes in your mind and someday you'll improve? No
Does this mean you'll go after your favorite artist and try to become 100% like them by copying every move? Probably but no, you're getting there though

There are tons of ways to practice. And that's why everyone gets confused. Some people became better by tracing art, some others by referencing art, some people decided to learn from life and some others combined everything. But they all have something in common.
  • They work hard.
  • They spend a lot of time and effort in their art.
  • They accept critique in order to improve.
  • They accept the fact that there's always someone better than them so they find it challenging and make it another reason to keep drawing and practicing hard.
  • They don't use talent or age as an excuse to make them feel better.
  • They keep trying no matter how many times they fall.
  • They do research.
  • They do not devalue themselves.
And more stuff I can't really remember right now.

Of course, there will be always people who will be indeed better in art or something for their age, but if they do not take the opportunity to "grow" that talent, they'll remain in the same level after some time.

Your two cents C:


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 4:30 PM
As many of you noticed I've been inactive on dA the last week. I went to SiiLvAH's house the past weekend and I was completely inactive (man it was so much fun I wish I could stay more ; v ;..), now only a few weeks left for my exams.

I am really not in the "active" mood right now since I am already stressed enough, I spend most of my time watching anime and doodling on paper. I haven't touched my tablet for a while. I owe some very important birthday gifts too, two trades and a commission as well so I can't pressure myself more, I hope you all understand.

Star Fuschia Future projects:

I am planning to make some real-life comics about my sleepovers the last year. I've spend some truly wonderful time with my friends that I'd like to illustrate so I'll take my time to make those, as well as some comics from my role-plays because I need to start taking the illustration part seriously and practice is important. I need to re-make some references too (and for God's sake finalize them because I keep changing them all the time), and finish my to-do list. Hopefully I'll have that part done by the end of the year.

Star Pale Blue Question for you:

Schools are going to start soon. What are your goals for this year?

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Everyone's doing it and I thought it would be fun, even though I am pretty late but still c: I won't be saying much since I am trying to make it as short and easy to read as possible.

Back in 2009, I firstly joined dA. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, maybe dragon pictures in google? Maybe.. :meow:

Watching the Stars by hibikio
hibikio was the first person I watched on dA. I think that's the reason I wanted to join dA after all. To contact her and learn how can I even become that good? I was amazed by her art. I always thought you couldn't draw on computer as well except using ms paint. I tried to do what I saw on paper using several tools to get the result I wanted, so I had enough time to experiment a lot with many stuff, such as markers, oil/ soft pastels, chalk, watercolours, acrylics... seriously, everything. And then I discovered that digital art existed, so I began with Open Canvas, Gimp and a mouse.

..:: Chasing Dusk and Dawn ::. by Qwuzanku
Qwuzanku was the first person I spoke to here. She was willing to help me with anything I had trouble with, so she was my first online friend EVER :love:. We haven't lost contact at all, and she's helped me through many difficult times as well. I still love her and owe her so much ;A; <33

Blade chapter 2 cover by MQSdwz35GOTH HORSES by LottieDottie
Met MQSdwz35 & LottieDottie and nintendog's4ever as well, had super fun with those people <33 I still love them way too much, and I am glad to see them active here and there c: I haven't lost contact with anyone and that makes me happier than ever. I was watching Wolf's Rain back then, so from horse art I went into wolf art immediately and tried my best to master their anatomy.

Clyde by Avokeido
Avokeido&Zoomster101 was the first people of my country I've met here. We were a threesome team back then, we would MSN together almost every day, having tons of fun and RP's with them! We were also anime buddies, I'll never forget the FMA or ATLA phases we've been through. I was still trying to become better at cell-shading back then, still had no human characters, only wolves. We were learning all together and I'll never forget those amazing art moments we had!

In Heaven by Cederin
Cederin (aka LillHanna) was the first person I've ever got into their art so damn much after Hibikio. See, at first I was like "when I be 20 I'll definitely be on that level" so I was very relaxed. But when I came across Cederin I completely lost it. She was one year older than me and her art was gorgeous in front of my eyes. That's when I began to practice harder than ever before. I had to reach her level in a way. I did what all young children would do back then. I wanted to be her friend, to learn what are those magic secrets that made her a so amazing artist. In the end, I got something even better than magic tricks that didn't exist in the first place. I made a friend, I learned how to be patient and NEVER give up, no matter what. Evoli-niceli came afterwards and became my friend as well c: I got happy because she was the first person who ever idolized me so much, I could finally understand how Cederin was feeling about me, so I decided to return the favor and help Evoli as much as I could so she could reach the level of art she wanted to. I've finally became to grow up.. or that's what I thought.

<da:thumb id="441814595"/>
marumarou is very precious to me. Come to think of it, we met through youtube, when I hadn't credited someone from being inspired by their picture and they told me they were going to report me. Man, I don't know what happened, but we became friends and.. woah. Did many things together as well. We've art traded many times, as well as I did my first serious RP with them through skype. I am planning to turning that rp into a mini comic one day, definitely. Thank you for being with me Tosh, I hope you'll never stop creating :heart:.

Lanterns by RayCrystalDevil on the church by Chiakiro
RayCrystal&Chiakiro are also hella rad friends of mine. I firstly got into Ray's art, then into Chiaki's. With Chiaki we have a closer bond I must say, she's very precious to me too. Thanks to Ray I was into adding more color to my pictures and sometimes I'd also do painterly style because I was influenced a lot by her c: Then I was influenced as well with Chiaki's Cell shading abilities and DAMN when she posted painterly pictures as well.. it was simply mindblowing. We've been through many difficult times together, but we've overcome everything and I believe that both me and Chiaki have proved to ourselves that we're strong enough to overcome everything.:hug:

Milky Way by kalamboFall's bed by Keprion
kalambo.... simply mindblowing in all ways. I concider myself very lucky to have her as my friend. I learned how to be kind thanks to her, and help all of the people who were asking my help. She taught me many things about art and illustration. I am influenced a LOT by her. Keprion THAT PRECIOUS BABY OF ME, I watched her firstly when she was taking a break from dA for a while. When she came back we became "glowing" sisters and damn, I just enjoy her company way too much. That cutie ;A; :love:. Both of them inspired me to study more from life and do speedpaints to improve my art, as well as reference a LOT! I'll throw all the possible glow at them, huehuehue <33

Across the Dunes by LhuinThe Take Off by Bernerimaybe by azzaiNordic Flower by Oha
Lhuin & Berneri also influenced my life a lot. While I was drawing, I realized that age didn't matter, but the amount of time your practice and how much you're willing to improve. Lhuin was the first "famous: person I've spoke to, thanks to her I overcame my stress of talking to people with breathtaking art. I knew after that, that if I was myself even in the online world, I'd definitely make friends with many people if I tried. Internet is a hard place for stuff like that, I bet we all know that. But there's always a way to make things work, and I found mine :heart:. azzai and Oha inspired me a LOT as well, Oha was always willing to help me out when I had some trouble with art. I haven't really asked her for advice many times, but no matter what, every time I asked her about anything, she was willing to help me out.

Beasts:Lethal Glance by RenePolumorfousBell by TamberElla
Last but not least, RenePolumorfous and TamberElla. I am very very grateful to have met those two wonderful people. I met Rene a lot earlier, though I was already a watcher of Tamberella but I was very afraid to talk to her till almost 2 years ago. Rene taught me how to appreciate all kinds of art and find very valuable things in art pieces they might not be super flashy or hella rad looking with one look. In other words, I finally understood that effects and good looking colors is not everything in a picture. I became to watch more people who had impressive art and learned how to be influenced by them and learn from everything. As for Tambs, I don't know how to begin.. Even though she's a super busy person, she taught me how to fight with my own power, in art AND life as well. Thanks to her I understood the connection between life and art. I've grown up as a person, as a future artist as well. I do not consider myself as an artist yet, but I am slowly getting out of that amateur level. Yeah, that's something I am sure of. I am grateful to her and I truly owe her. Once again, she reminded me how it is to be a good person, and gain knowledge from anything possible. Everyone can teach you things. Thank you so much for not giving up on me. Thanks to you, I've been inspired to inspire many people as well and I'll try my best to do that, through my greatest weapon. My art.

This was longer than I was planning, oh my ; v ; it's okay if you didn't make it through the end. I made this to remind some important things to myself mostly, so I don't expect anyone to read this ^^
Anyway, next to my journal and on my profile page there are the people who are very important for me, as friends or influences. I didn't include some here because I've made friends with some recently, so I hope you understand c: I STILL LOVE YOU ALL!!:heart:


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