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I have been using the "add media" tab so much I forgot plz accounts still existed :iconimdedplz:
what a day to be alive
Would you support an artist that has all of their content for free? Why?
Would you support an artist that has partial content for free? Why?

I know, it pretty much depends on how much you like the art. But, what is more appealing to you as an option? Why?
What would you like to get from an artist? Why would you pay for it?

I'd like to talk specifically about comics, but I shall leave this open to interpretation because I can never know. Enlighten me.

Too many questions.

Whose sleeping schedule is fricked up like mine say ayyyyy
I deleted all of my previous journal entries but I left four.

Does this mean I am capable of erasing my existence as a thirteen year old random sugoi kawaii teenager and people automatically assume that I was born a nineteen year old evolved version of the previous one. Except from my art, now there is no proof I existed before today. And these four entries I left.

This journal contains spoilers! Don't read if you haven't played the game yet!

Okay guys, for all of you amazing peeps out there who are playing undertale and have gone through the Genocide Run, I have a question for you.

I don't want to go all the way. The only reason I would play it would be to fight Sans. Literally, this fight is a friggin treat. Damn you Toby :heart:. I feel horrible farming and eliminating everyone. It makes my stomach twist, and it's not as easy as it was in OFF, because you don't realise what you're doing until the very end of the game (thee must be purified). OKAY I AM RAMBLING AGAIN!

Can I go all the way, fight Sans and then restart as nothing has happened? Guess what, I DON'T EVEN WANT TO SEE SANS BEING TORNED BUT MAN I WANT THIS FIGHT! The soundtrack is beyond awesomeness. I don't want to face Chara. I know that the game crashes, but is it the same as the Neutral route? When you fight Flowey and the game crashes. When you open the game after you've met Chara, is the menu on where you can restart or your only option is to sell your soul to her so you can play again?

Someone please help :') I am sinning here to fight Sans aaaahhhhh //screams
I saw a comment today that made me blow my top. I wanted to pick a bone with them. 
I'd really like not to express all of my feelings right here, right now, but I'd like to say a couple of things about that subject of Age and Talent on Art.
It's not like I am going to change the world with that journal, but it's worth trying a bit. And it might help people with lack of confidence about their art and age.

Firstly, allow me to make something clear. Art has nothing to do with your Age. Believe me, it's true, and I'll prove it to you.
Back when I was around.. 13 years old the first thing I was looking into someone's profile that their gallery was wonderful, was their age. 
Maybe everyone did back then. Some people still do. But why do we pay so much attention on age? Because we're concerned about "how much time do we have to improve till we get there".
At least, that's what I was mostly concerned about. I was lazy as well, procrastinating like crazy and I was sitting there, waiting for the epic skills to find me and reach me. And then, magically, when I turned 18 I'd have amazing art to show to everyone.

But then, you find out that people closer to your age are having great art as well right..? So then you have less time to improve and reach their level with your slow paced style of practice.
You enjoy it, you don't work very hard, but you're very sure that "you'll get there" until that younger person comes in your life and ruins all of your plans. Then you're back to zero, wondering what you could do to improve faster, and be as good as them in the age of 15 for example. After a liiiiittle bit of practice, you get tired and realize make yourself believe that you can't do it. What's the easy option now? Hmm.. :thinking: <[maybe they're more talented than me]. Bingo. You got that part right. Let's just forget about it and go with plan A, or let's just test our limits to see how far we can go with this.

In the end, you keep up with art, you managed not to feel like a piece of trash -yet- and you keep doing your stuff. But.. wait. What's that..?
A younger artist than you is doing better work than you? Unbelievable and unacceptable. So what now? There are only few options left, right?
  • They're liars. It's simply impossible to draw like that in that age.
  • They're miracle kiddos.
  • They're talented beyond belief.
  • (add something you believe here)

Let me tell you what you believe you've learned through this:
Draaa..w...-- procrastinate and don't worry, no matter what you do, you'll definitely become good... at some point. Maybe not the "age you set" but who cares, there's always someone better out there. Younger people are surely super talented and younger people than you are magical people with a huge amount of talent and don't forget, they're also masterminds for being able to draw like that.
  • What is talent? The ability of someone to draw better than you.
  • What is age? What you're now and what you'll become when you "reach that age".

Now, allow me to tell you what you really learned from this:
  • Age is an excuse and an illusion to make you feel better because you're bored/ don't wanna/ something?? to practice.
  • Talent is also an excuse and an illusion to make you feel better because you're bored/ don't wanna/ something?? to practice.

The true title of this journal should be Procrastination, Illusion and Art. Probably.

Maybe not even art. I added art because it'd drag people here, but it's connected with the subject so.

So let me tell you what Age and Talent stand for, based on my experience all theses years. 
Age stands for time. Throughout time, you gain experience, skills and you combine them together to make something new.
Being young doesn't mean you're badass. Being old doesn't mean you're useless.
Talent stands for the ability to learn faster something than someone else. Some people are talented, some people are not.
Not being talented isn't a reason to give up. Being talented isn't a reason to procrastinate.

What can you do about this?
Yeah yeah, you've heard this a lot before, right? Practice. But what's practice, really?
Does this mean you get a piece of paper and draw anything that comes in your mind and someday you'll improve? No
Does this mean you'll go after your favorite artist and try to become 100% like them by copying every move? Probably but no, you're getting there though

There are tons of ways to practice. And that's why everyone gets confused. Some people became better by tracing art, some others by referencing art, some people decided to learn from life and some others combined everything. But they all have something in common.
  • They work hard.
  • They spend a lot of time and effort in their art.
  • They accept critique in order to improve.
  • They accept the fact that there's always someone better than them so they find it challenging and make it another reason to keep drawing and practicing hard.
  • They don't use talent or age as an excuse to make them feel better.
  • They keep trying no matter how many times they fall.
  • They do research.
  • They do not devalue themselves.
  • They do it because they love it, have passion for it. (not in all cases, but doing what you love makes you feel good for doing it and so on..)
And more stuff I can't really remember right now.

Of course, there will be always people who will be indeed better in art or something for their age, but if they do not take the opportunity to "grow" that talent, they'll remain in the same level after some time.

Your two cents C:

Today a person in school told my friend that I am a psychopath and he doesn't want to get into my class when I am in.
This is the most radical thing ever. Now I can hunt him down and give him terrible nightmares. HELLA RAD.

I want people from now on to call me a psychopath. I believe it suits me 100%.
The moment when you're bored as hell so you can't respond in any comment, writing pointless journals like this becase you have no paper to draw and you are so not in mood to draw anything digital but you still have no paper to draw and you are like please kill me now because you have no paer to draw and you can't do the artrades because you have no paper to draw and the internet is so slow and you still have no paper to draw and you feel like hating everyone because you have no paper to draw and you're making everyone frustrated because you use no dots fullstops in this journal because you have no paper to draw and no one can breathe. Stare 

I am going to buy a chocolate and an ice tea, see ya later when I get paper to draw.

I am back and I used the last drops of my acrylic paints in this… (it's an unfinished/ wip of a :glaceon:) and I have to go and buy more acrylics or else I'll no be able to finish it and I still have no paper to draw and this paper is a large one and I was drawing this yesterday while watching Drake & Josh on nickelodeon and I still have no paper to draw because I used this but even with that I had done the sketch like 6 months ago or so I don't remember at all and I still have no paper to draw.
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A spider with Arm floats

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 23, 2013, 5:08 AM
Well, Spiderman came to my house like 2 days ago, we went to the beach, then we ate some pizza and had lots of fun.

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